Portraits du Caire. Alban, Armand, Van Leo

Curated by Akram Zaatari
Les Rencontres d'Arles, Arles, France
1999/04/01  -  1999/05/31

Portraits of Cairo reunites in Cairo the works of Van Leo (Levon Boyadjian), Armand (Armenak Arzrouni), and Alban (Aram Arnavoudian), three influential Armenian photographers. The photographic collections portray distinctive stylistic approaches and illustrate, in many ways, the significant cultural and societal facets of Egyptian society from the 1940s until the 1960s.

The photographers' works mainly centered on portraiture, staging studios sets and capturing, at the pinnacle of their careers, portraits of cultural and social personalities. While each photographer came from a different background and photographic experience, all three were greatly influenced by the flourishing film industry in Egypt and practiced photography with particular attention to skill and craft. They embraced other forms of art and incorporated them into their photography, delivering unique collections of photographs. And while they were inspired by the world of fiction and films, the photographs of Van Leo, Armand and Alban reflect the social and cultural histories of a modernizing Egypt.

Exhibition produced by the Arab Image Foundation.

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